Quick 'n Easy Keywording

by Ken Milburn

One of the reasons I fell in love with Lightroom when I first saw it was because it seemed to have so much promise when it came to keeping my photographs organized and easy-to-retreive when I needed them. Now that I've been working with the program for some months, I'm just beginning to appreciate how really powerful it is in that regard. There are lots of ways to add keywords to your photos. Then there are at least four ways to use both the camera's recorded Metadata and Keywords to find pictures, and several of these methods have variations. So this week, I'm going to take you through the ways to do the keywording efficiently. Next week, I'll take you through the ways to use keywords efficiently.

For openers, you can enter keywords right in the Import dialog so they canl be applied to all the photos in the shoot. Even if you have a few photos that need added keywords--or even totally different keywords--it's a good idea to add the keywords that will apply to the majority of the photos being imported. Then it becomes very speedy to simply select the few photos that don't fit the keywords and simply erase the import keywords and replace them with the correct keywords. Simply select the photos for which the keywords didn't fit while the Keywords Panel is open. Each time you select a photo, the keywords that have already been assigned will appear. These words are already highlighted, so if you want to delete them all, just hit the Delete key.

Import Photos.jpg


2007-11-01 13:49:13
Is there anyway for the keywords not to go into alphabetical order, im a travel photographer and keeping the keywords in order is cruical for easy viewing!! is this posible, i cant find the answer anywhere