Quick primer on Unicode under Linux

by Michael(tm) Smith

Related link: http://eyegene.ophthy.med.umich.edu/unicode/

Ed Trager's A Quick Primer On Unicode and Software Internationalization Under Linux and UNIX is a good intro to configuration and tool setup for working with Unicode in a Linux environment. (Cheers to Greg Thomson for posting a link about Ed's page to the Tokyo Linux User's Group mailing list, where I came across it.)

Some of the areas it covers:

  • Locale configuration

  • some Unicode-enabled terminal emulators (mlterm and xterm)

  • some Unicode-enabled text editors (Yuedit, Vim, and Mined)

  • font info and info about assorted Unicode-related command-line utilities

It is a well-written, nicely laid-out document (with lots of screen shots and examples), and it aims for concision rather than comprehensiveness. That said, though, it has some noticeable omissions; Why no mention of GNU Emacs or XEmacs, even though it's possible to do work with Unicode in those apps (maybe not in all locales, but still in some)?

Overall, though, it's a great place to start, and even if you're already hip to Unicode, you may find out a thing or two you didn't already know.

Other good intros to Unicode?