Quick Thoughts on MWSF2006 Keynote

by Chuck Toporek

Okay, so now that the SteveNote has sunk into my head a bit, here are some quick thoughts...

  • I want to get a new MacBook Pro...ASAP!

  • I still don't like the idea of having a built-in iSight camera on the new MacBook Pro, but maybe that will change?

  • I want iLife '06 for two reasons:

    • Calendars

    • iWeb

  • I have no reason to upgrade to iWork '06. Sorry, but 3D charts and new themes aren't enough for me to pay another $79 right now to upgrade to the latest version. I would have rather seen this as a $29.99 upgrade. Without a spreadsheet application, iWork '06 seems lackluster to me.

  • Glad to see more stuff working with .Mac, but .Mac is still pricey when you consider that you're also paying $79 for iLife '06 to mesh the two together. Why couldn't there be a package deal or a discount on iLife '06 for existing .Mac members?

  • MacBook Pro's shipping in February...Intel iMacs shipping today...okay, I think I can wait for the MacBook Pro

  • Still no home theatre device :^(

So there you go, more stream-of-conscious thoughts for you. I'm heading back to the exhibit hall to play with the new software and hardware, and I'll have more to report on later.



2006-01-10 14:56:33
I think the idea with building it in, is that if it's there, people might start using it for video conferencing, wheras few people would buy one purposefully for that reason - and you're limited in who you can call - but roll it out and gradually people will start using it.

With you on the .Mac price - and what gives with a $200 markup for a 7200 rpm drive - the one component I thought they would address to boost performance.

2006-01-12 03:28:36
Yup. My wife has a newish G4 iBook. I have an old G3 iBook. I'm going to buy a MacBook Pro, and when I do I'm likely to buy my wife an external iSight. Why? Well, what use is only having one?