Quick Wicket Pointers: Netbeans, AJAX, and a Book

by Tim O'Brien

By way of Geertjan's Blog, apparently Netbeans supports Wicket development.

Also, from Geertjan is an interview with Jonathon Locke, Eelco Hillenius, and Igor Vaynberg. Read this if you are interested in learning about how Wicket does Ajax.

In other news, Martjin Dashorst's Wicket in Action (Manning) is available. Should be printed in June.


Martijn Dashorst
2008-04-29 14:01:31
Just one note: Wicket in Action is not just my work, Eelco Hillenius (co-author, Wicket PMC member, singer, guitar player and really cool dude) is responsible for half of the content, if not more.