QuickTime 7.2 Disaster?

by David Battino

Amazing. Moments after I mastered the .QTL hack to make QuickTime movies launch in full-screen mode from a Web browser (!), Software Update informed me the new version finally supports fullscreen playback. I commenced downloading, headed over to MacFixIt to read about the other new features, and saw this:

The QuickTime 7.2 disaster: Breaks all CFM apps on Intel-based Macs (Office, Photoshop CS2) for some; Problems playing Flash

I'm running a dual G5, so apparently I'm safe, but I canceled the update anyway. What have your experiences been?


2007-07-12 20:05:18
I've got a 2.33GHz MacBook Pro here and I've had no problems at all. That's not to say the problem doesn't exist, just that it seems like MacFixIt may have over-stated it a bit. Reading the comments on MacFixIt will gives the same impression.
2007-07-12 20:39:42
PowerMac G4, OS X 10.4.10 - no problems
PowerBook G4, OS X 10.4.10 - no problems
eMac OS X 10.3.9 - no problems
iBooks G4, OS X 10.4.10 - no problems
MacBook, OS X 10.4.10 - no problems
2007-07-12 23:02:49
MacBook Pro, OS X 10.4.10 -- Upgrade caused MS Apps and Palm Conduit (and perhaps others, I didn't try everything) to quit launching.

The problem was resolved by following the instructions on a forum entry on the Apple website (http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1039074&tstart=0), removing the developer preview version of Java 6.

The problem doesn't seem to be isolated to users who have Java 6 installed, so YMMV.

Steven W Riggins
2007-07-12 23:42:17
Word plays videos just fine for me (MBP 2.4)
Walt French
2007-07-13 00:07:02
After the update, Word and Excel both start and open files normally on my (1st gen, 17") MacBook Pro. Haven't tried Powerpoint, which I use less.

I recently re-installed my OS 10.4.10, eliminating many third-party mods to my system (and especially, a Canon print driver that was FUBARed). Perhaps the failures are due to non-Apple software interacting in a weird way with QT and CFM.

Haven't tried my Palm synch yet.

2007-07-13 01:07:52
Everything is fine. MS Office 2004 and Photoshop (CS3, however) start without any problems.
David Battino
2007-07-13 01:19:14

Word plays videos just fine for me

Ha ha! I thought at first you were talking about ASCII videos. I went ahead and installed the update because I'm working on a QuickTime article. No problems so far. Palm sync was fine.

2007-07-13 04:43:51
QT killed my CFM app's - reinstalled 10.4.10 with the Combo updater and all is well again...

Except that a raw install of 10.4.10 picks an argument with the version of CUPS I have installed and causes, I discovered later, a hidden folder with 66,660 files in it. Not to mention that the CUPS system and the USB system max out my processors in endless loop. Managed to fix it eventually. Not all Apple's fault, but not their best day either.

Hopefully the CUPS issue can get fixed now that Apple actually own CUPS. In case anyone else has the same issue - it's a problem with Printer Sharing, kill that and you're OK.

2007-07-13 06:08:16

Model Name: Mac Pro
Model Identifier: MacPro1,1
Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Xeon
Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Boot ROM Version: MP11.005C.B04

No problems
Powerbook G4 1.67

No Problems

2007-07-13 08:29:58
The only CFM app I have lost is Halo, since I am on NeoOffice/Fireworks CS3 rather than the Ubiquitous Duo. A sad loss anyway.
2007-07-13 08:31:18
(I almost forgot: yes, I have the problem. Stock MacBook2,1 except with 1.25 GB of RAM.)
2007-07-15 00:54:50
Non Intel Flash disaster too on my PowerBook Too
No way Offered by Apple to go back yet ?
System Version: Mac OS X 10.4.10 (8R218)
Kernel Version: Darwin 8.10.0
CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (2.1)
CPU Speed: 667 MHz
Canada Editor
2007-07-15 01:56:29
Flash Update seems to have repaired Question marks on Web pages
Version 9,0,28,0 was Installed
now 9,0,47,0
2007-07-16 04:28:40
Since I installed the latest Quicktime 7.2 update on my G5 Power Mac I have been having nothing but problems. I can't view videos on Firefox or Netscape. It only works with Safari. I had been making vids with Motion Picture HD (an application that came with Toast 7) but now I get a "Quicktime error" message whenever I try. What's the solution?
2007-07-18 23:16:51
I've got an intel MacBook Pro and the update killed Quicken 2007 and all MS programs. I've read through the 2 main forums on this (at apple and maxfixit) but I'm reluctant to go through with any of them. If I can, I'd like to wait for Apple to come up with a real fix for it. I'm afraid the suggested hacks will cause problems further down the line.
Jennifer Karydas
2007-07-20 11:16:56
I have a powerbook 64, but I am still in the dark ages with OS X 10.3.9, and I upgraded to QuickTime 7.2 unknowingly. Now a critical program I use for work will not run. I can't access the maxFixIt instructions because i don't have a subscription. Can anyone please send it to me in another format?


Federico Giacanelli
2007-07-23 06:26:12
I've a MacBook Pro w/ 10.4.10 and I had the Rosetta + CFM breaking problem.

I resolved with Apple suggestion of reinstalling 10.4.10 combo updater with no need to prebind via Terminal as in:


Full story and further comment on my italian blog:


2007-08-05 20:46:27
I have safari crashing when trying to finish a download. I have mac mail not opening. I have a failure notice in german when opening Logic7. logic loads but some of the graphics dont show up. the warning is shown multiple times on a black and white grid on the audio arrange window.
2007-08-07 06:21:22
QT 7.2 does not work well with iPhoto slideshows with music. I can no longer attach music from iTunes into slideshows. Any thoughts?
2007-08-15 19:49:24
Well i have an intel mac 20inch with 2gb of ram and 2.16 dual core and i got the update. its stuffed up my flash program. like everything works but i cant export to quicktime video anymore. worked before the update. any suggestions?
2007-08-18 12:07:14
Yup. I loaded the QT 7.2 and now every webpage I open has all these Q's with question marks inside of them. Never used to happen. In firefox and safari. Lovely.
2007-08-21 19:04:49
i installed qt7.2 on my macbookpro and now I can't access streaming video, can't play embedded sound files, have some problems with flash...(i use firefox -- but safari doesn't seem to work either)all of these things worked previously. any way to go back?
2007-08-27 05:59:18
Many of the problems you are experiencing with viewing QuickTime content in your browser (Safari, most often) can be easily repaired. There are a multitude of threads discussing this on the Apple Discussion Forum ( http://discussions.apple.com/ ). The most common solution: open the HD/Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder and drag the QuickTime Plugin.webplugin to your Desktop, then quit and relaunch your browser. Chances are, videos will play once again. Alternately, another common solution is to perform a "Get Info" on the Safari app and turn off Rosetta, then quit and relaunch.

Personally, I'm having problems with all video authoring since the update; running on an antiquated flat panel iMac 800 MHz with OS 10.3.9, QuickTime Pro 7.2 can't even play back it's own recordings, and it's recording H.264 video from a DV source at less than 2 fps! I hope they fix this soon!

2007-08-27 13:27:30
For those desiring to downgrade to an earlier version of QuickTime, the site http://oldapps.com/quicktime_player.htm has links to the Apple repositories of older versions. The OldApps.com site can be an indispensable aid when faced with misbehaving newer versions.
2007-08-27 13:51:33
One can also search the Apple downloads site (http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/) -- the only trick is to get an older version installed, which is most safely done by reinstalling OS X via the archive & install option, and then bringing things back up to date -- leaving QuickTime at some better-behaved level. My own difficulties are with 7.2 on a G4 iBook. Seems that the mask functionality (e.g., cropping a movie clip) of QT Pro is broken, at least on my machine. That's the only problem I've noticed since going to 7.2.
2007-09-08 12:56:47
Since installing quicktime 7.2 under 10.4.10
My life has become hell

All the apps I use have problems.Logic 7, Photoshop ,Reason , Mlan etc....What the F&^%$ is going on ?? I cant do any work, all my work and business is done on macs.This is a major downer!

2007-10-31 07:28:39
PowerBook G$ OS X 10.4.9 - can't view anything in Firefox or Safari Browser

Solution: Reinstall the previous version of QuickTime until problems have been resolved

I am amazed that QuickTime did not test there software on different computers b4 launching it.