QuickTime Export Mysteries

by David Battino

Recently, when trying to export movie files from QuickTime Pro (7.0.4) or iMovie HD (6.0.1), I’ve been getting mysterious errors. This unhelpful iMovie one popped up when I tried to export an MPEG-4 project using the QuickTime Full Quality setting:

The movie could not be sent to QuickTime, because of an unknown error. (Error -50)

Other formats failed as well. For example, trying to export in iPod video format ended with this unhappy message:


Small Paul
2006-04-20 01:27:45
iMovie 6 introduced a particularly annoying sound bug when exporting PAL projects. Links to Apple Discussion forum threads on the topic: http://del.icio.us/pauldwaite/imovie

No idea about your particular export issues, though. Thanks for mentioning the Flip4Mac issue: I've got a pro version installed and I've been fine, but I haven't done a lot of exporting so far.

2006-04-20 02:14:36
I removed the flip4mac stuff and the error disappeared for good.
Erica Sadun
2006-04-20 08:03:08
Flip4Mac is very, very buggy.
Alex Smith
2006-05-03 10:08:51
I've had different errors when exporting in ANY format, specifically error "-2126." I too have Flip4Mac installed, so I think I will uninstall it and see if there is any progress made.
2006-05-12 09:39:59
No conflicts like that with Flip4Mac on my system. Could be some other bytes interfering. I've found several other posts about anomalies which pointed elsewhere. The reference link to discussing QT Pro conflicts with F4M is outdated. They are talking about the older version of it. All issues with QT Pro 7.0.4 were resolved some time ago.
Rush Videos
2006-09-27 12:06:07
Flip fo rMac codec is good if you need to export video into a winows media file. Other than that who needs a windows media playr anyways? Real men do it in Quick Time, lol.
Rush Videos
2006-09-27 12:12:11
The best export option for high quality video is in H.264. Of course other will need QT player to watch it. The only time I use the windows Flip 4 Mac codec is if a customer request windows media be on their website. Other options are Flash or Sorenson spark. Do your homework o exporting options & as always, your export format depends on your target that will view it.
2007-01-16 12:53:13
I've had similarly mysterious errors while exporting -- in my case, the error says simply, "Failed (-43)"

Sometimes, changing the encoding from h264 to jpeg or sorenson or dvcpro is enough to fix this. If not, I export to divx and then convert from that format to mov. Since my files are just for innerweb viewing, the image degradation caused by multiple conversions isn't a huge issue.

It sure would be nice if Apple offered more info on what those error codes mean, and how to avoid them.

2007-11-10 12:52:48
Ok, so I have a massive question....I created a 2 and 1/2 hour movie. It looks good, but when I try to export it using Quicktime 7 it will not work....It will say no disc space, or file error, or a frame comes out of it.... or nothing shows up except error, could not find this movie. The worst part is.... Everytime I export it takes 2-5 + hours and then I find this out.... is there something I can do? Thanks for your help and God Bless!
David Battino
2007-11-10 19:59:56
I created a 2-1/2 hour movie... When I try to export it using Quicktime 7 it will not work.
In what program did you create the movie and in what QuickTime format are you trying to export it?
2007-12-17 16:25:09
When I try to export a flash document into a Quicktime H.264, I get a much smaller size like 5 times smaller from the original and it lasts much more, like 6 seconds more. do anybody knows why this is happening? Can somebody help me PLEASEEE!!
2008-08-10 01:08:52
A new(?)problem of the Quick Time Pro export feature:it results with NO sound at all. I've tried to export avi to wav(sound only) ant to wmv(the movie) and repeatedly resulted a wav file of 24-27MB(depending on the lenght of the original movie,of course) filled with some blanc sound(no noise at all. What is happening?does anybod knows?Cause the feature of exporting use to work very well.How can i chech the codecs used by Quick time?Any other idea?