Qwest Acquires OnFiber, Shows BackBone

by Bruce Stewart

Om has the lowdown on Qwest's acquisition of OnFiber, which currently runs all-optical networks in 23 metropolitan areas. As Om notes, Level 3 has been on a real spending spree in that space, but it appears that Qwest wants a bigger piece of that fiber pie too.

On an unrelated Qwest note, I for one certainly appreciate that it seems that Qwest was the one carrier to show some backbone when the NSA came knocking asking for domestic calling data. I know that some recent studies have shown that a majority of Americans aren't too bothered by this kind of government monitoring in the name of "fighting the war on terror", but it's my feeling that we have processes in place to authorize these kind of things, which one hopes would help maintain the needed checks and balances of granting these kind of new surveillance powers, and I appreciate that Qwest demanded that the NSA follow those procedures or it wouldn't hand over any data.


2006-05-24 19:01:49
interesting to note that onfiber's core execs are qwest alums. from the startup days..... considering onfiber's amazing success in the face of the downturn this could be a serious steroid shot for qwest's ability to execute... if they don't break the egg.