Rails in Reston

by Michael Fitzgerald

Related link: http://pragmaticstudio.com/

Just got back from Reston, Virginia today after attending a three-day workshop on Ruby and Ruby on Rails put on by the folks at Pragmatic. Lots of Java people there; one said, "It'll be hard to go back." I don't think he meant it as a ding on Java, or as a signal of abandonment, it's just, that, well, it's hard to curb your enthusiasm after an event like this. Lots of information from Dave Thomas and Mike Clark, with a keen eye on what might be flawed in Rails and Ruby. Not a lot to worry about there. And people are putting up DB-enabled sites in hours with Rails. I know, I know: The joy will wear off after time. For now, just let me be excited about something.

Have you tried Rails?