Rails: Scaling to Multiple Databases

by Tim O'Brien

Via loudthinking.com, DHH points to the Magic Multi-Connections plugin by Nic Williams. This plugin could be used in any number of ways, Nic has a recipe for randomly selecting a connection from a pool, but the plugin could just as easily be made to work with a set of model objects spread across multiple databases.

The interesting story behind this is on DHH's blog. Read: Alex Payne's interview, then read David's response, and finally the post from Sunday Scaling to multiple databases with Rails.

Update from Pat Eyler (12:15 PM Central):


Kevin makes some important points about how the community should/does respond to people pointing out things that RoR doesn't do well. He also has a good analysis of the response Alex Payne's interview and offers some ideas for how this conversation could have happened differently.


2007-04-16 08:27:03
Today on "Rails of our Lives"...
2007-05-17 15:26:35
What I'm wondering is: why isn't something like this (multi-connections) part of the core Rails distribution? In my opinion there are far too many plugins out there that should have been part of Rails.
Daniel Berger
2007-05-17 17:29:04
Most of the loudthinking.com links appear to be dead now. Got new links?