Random iPhone User Tips

by Derrick Story

I really like the iPhone but hate the shape of the earbuds that are bundled with it. What keeps me from tossing them is they have some cool functionality. The microphone not only works well as a hands-free device when on the phone in the car, but is also a handy control for the iPod function of the iPhone. Click it once and you can pause the music, twice and it jumps to the next song. So I didn't want to trash the earbuds even though they don't fit well.


My solution... a $12 investment (at CompUSA) in Griffin EarJams. They convert Apple's earbuds into more comfortable inner earphones. This combination is not the ultimate in sound quality, but it sure is an improvement over the stock earbuds.

Next, I keep my iPhone protected by passcode. This is a nice feature, but have you noticed that the welcome screen has no personal information on it? Just the time and date. What happens if you misplace your iPhone?

I'm using the Incase Molded Rubber Case to protect the edges of the iPhone. As an added measure of protection, I've slipped a business card between the case and the phone that has my contact information on it. That way, if I misplace my device, I have half a chance or recovering it. (Just don't use your iPhone number for the contact info... doh!)

Finally, I'm keeping the phone charged in the car with the XtremeMac InCharge Auto. It's a great looking device with an intelligent self-resetting fuse. For $19.95, it's done a great job of keeping me juiced up on the go.


Bill Read
2007-08-15 05:23:34
Regarding the desktop image, it appears behind the passcode screen. Since you can set this from your photos, I created a photo with my contact info on it and set that ad my desktop. Now anyone who finds my phone and turns it on will know how to contact me.
Dave Emmons
2007-08-20 14:28:56
Does Griffin have a specific set of EarJams for the iPhone? I bought a set on eBay and they do not fit the iPhone's ear buds. And Griffin's web site doesn't claim they'll fit either. While I can use them with my ear buds on my Shuffle, I hoped to use them with the iPhone. Suggestions?

d a v e

harry wolf
2007-09-12 11:49:51
Its odd, but I find the Apple earbuds to be the best I have ever tried - incredibly comfortable. And have a pair of Etymotics and some Sony's too....I think its all in the individual ear.
I was shocked when I liked the Apple iphone ones, because previous iPod earphones were horrible.
iPhone lover
2008-03-16 20:11:30
hehe love the apple headphones