Razrs Get Cut Off

by Bruce Stewart

Reuters is reporting that both Cingular and T-Mobile have halted sales of the popular Motorola Razr cell phones because of a technical problem that is causing the phones to drop calls in mid-stream. Motorola has admitted to the defect, but maintains only a small number of the phones are affected by the problem. Representatives from both Motorola and T-Moble said they expect Razrs to be back on the shelves by early next week.


2006-03-10 18:24:55

When the wife went shopping for a new Verizon phone a couple of weeks back, the Verizon sales rep distinctly steered her away from the Razr(s).

She ended up with the e815 which she really likes, and although we're still waiting on a datacable to try the tricks from http://www.nuclearelephant.com/papers/e815seem.html, they are said to at least partially un-cripple some of the features of this handset.