Re: Cisco equipment

by brian d foy

Most tech types already know that a response to a spam email is just another way to tell the other side that the address works. The spam oesn't even have to be legitimate. It could be something just to prepare another targeted list.

Some of the first messages were simple "Take me off this list", but then, I noticed a lot of the subsequent messages were replies to those messages. Somehow this thing had turned into a mailing list, and people were sending "me too" messages.

Not only were they showing that their address worked, but most of the replies had a lengthy corporate-type sig file with addresses and phone numbers. Some even had additional email addresses listed at the end. Some had AIM handles. Some advertised things like "Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld".

Most had job titles, which is a real bonanza: if you have something to sell, you want to talk to the guy who has the title "Purchasing Manager".

Some guy thinks the list manager is actually paying attention or cares:

this is probably the 50 time I have asked you to take me off your
list and you keep adding me back

Um, you were probably never taken off the list, buddy.

The kicker is that it's an ezmlm list, and unsubscribe addresses are right in the headers. I'm not unsubscribing though because I sorta like watching this parade.