Reactions to the GPLv3 Revisions

by Tim O'Brien

Sun's Chief Open Source Officer Simon Phipps comments on some of the revisions in GPLv3. In his entry he points to the clarification re: software-as-a-service. He also writes:

I'd been expecting the final draft; this is now an extra interim draft, and we'll not see the final version until the summer. And there are several signs that we'll see more frequent updates to the license - there are indications that the DRM stuff might be extended to different kinds of devices, for example. All very interesting, I know there will be a lot of discussion about this inside Sun over the next few weeks.

Also, over at O'Reilly Radar Allison Randall comments on the revisions. She's specifically addresses the updated definition of "consumer devices".

Read the GPLv3 redline here.