Reader Feedback: How To?

by Erica Sadun

Reader Jas recently wrote in the iTunes: Switching Countries from the Command Line post: "I'm a newbie, just exactly how do you use this script to make it work? I need directions :) :)" Here you go, Jas:

  1. Download a copy of the file to your desktop. It's just a text-based perl file.

  2. Launch terminal, iTunes and Safari. In iTunes, switch to the Music Store.

  3. From the terminal, change directories to your Desktop: cd ~/Desktop

  4. Make the file executable: chmod 755

  5. Run it. Type either perl or (as I prefer) ./

  6. To switch to a store enter "y" at one of the country prompts.

As a rule, you'll have to re-sign into your Apple Store account after switching countries.