Reading Microsoft Word and Excel Files on a Windows Mobile Smartphone

by Todd Ogasawara

Reader T.D. wrote:

I am trying to find a way to open Word / Excel files on my 1GB-equipped Windows Smartphone [Audiovox SMT5600] that came out not too long ago.

Anyway to do so? I don't see pocket Word or pocket Excel like is on my PDA.

I think a great source of confusion comes from Microsoft's use of the Windows Mobile brand for both their Pocket PC Phone Edition (PPCPE) and Smartphone products. Most people assume that the Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition (which is a full PDA with phone capability) and the Windows Mobile Smartphone (which is phone-centric with some PDA functions) have the same applicactions set.
They don't.
Two notable applications available on the PPCPE that are not on the Windows Mobile Smartphone are Pocket Word and Pocket Excel.
The Audiovox SMT5600 is a Smartphone.
So, it lacks the applications T.D. is searching for.
Fortunately, there are alternatives.
The first thing to do is look through the description of the applications in the SMT5600's firmware and the applications disc that accompanied it (the one with Outlook on it).
The Motorola MPx220, that I use for example, comes with a 3rd party file viewer that can not only display Word and Excel but also PowerPoint and Acrobat PDF files.

On the Go with the Motorola MPx220 Camera Phone

If such an application is not bundled with the SMT5600, there are at least two products I know of that may provide the functionality T.D. is looking for.

These kinds of 3rd party solutions are also available for PDA and Smartphones based on the Palm OS and Symbian (and probably Linux based phones too).

Let us know about your recommended smartphone document reader.