Reading Ola Bini

by pat eyler

I've been reading Ola Bini's blog recently, and I'm really impressed with what I'm seeing there. Over the last three days, he's managed four solid posts, including two that really stood out to me.

MetaProgramming Refactoring is a great piece on the refactorings that could be cataloged around Metaprogramming. He uses Extract Code Template as an extended example. It's a good read, and a better idea. I'd love to see this get some traction — no matter what mjd thinks of patterns.

Ola also wrote about the power of Ruby in The limits of power: What Lisp can do but Ruby can't. In this case he jumps off from Why Ruby is an acceptable LISP, and talks about how LISP's syntaxlessness (how's that for a word?) enables extra capabilities in a couple of edge cases.

Take a few minutes and go check out his blog. You won't be disappointed.


Jacob Fugal
2006-09-18 18:08:53
(PST: The MJD link is broken. Looks like you just need to add the http:// on front of it...)
Raffaele Tesi
2006-09-19 05:58:16
really useful, great blog, today the post is "YAML needs schema" and it is an impressing one.
Thank you.