Real or Not?

by Erica Sadun

Windows XP supposedly booting on a Macinteltosh. What do you think? Real deal or hoax?


2006-03-15 08:12:35
My personal feeling is that this is genuine. However, my issue will be in regards to how difficult it is perform, how risky the process is, and whether you can restore your Intel Mac back to factory settings in the even of problems. Hacking the EFI sounds way dangerous and if there's no way to restore it should something go wrong then I, for one, will probably not proceed with loading Windows even if it runs great and this is all genuine. By the time I get to try this I'll have waited about 2-years for a new Mac and I'm not about to risk screwing it over.
2006-03-15 08:25:19
Just in follow-up, the competition website, which appears to have been battered by interest in the last couple of days after the pictures were released, has apparently received a solution and is currently testing it. This update can be read here ( although what I've just said is pretty much it. I presume that we will know the results of this in the coming few days since the site had plenty of volunteers for testing it on all current Intel Mac models last seen.
2006-03-15 09:27:42
My hunch is that this is genuine... Hopefully the competition winners will go out stright out and buy a tripod with their prizemoney...

2006-03-15 12:06:18
As I've said elsewhere. The video reminds me of the alien autopsy video. Better yet, that big foot shot. The quality raises more questions than it answers.

Right now I'm skeptical, but hopeful. I think it will be good to have alternate OS options on MacIntelTosh. Including a fast Windows.

Eric Hudon
2006-03-15 15:39:59
Looks great ! (if real, really look like it's genuine). But the real point of all this is that I wonder If people are going to buy Intel Macs just to Windows on it. You could have an "still" elegant box for more cheaper than that in the PC World.

I did switch to OS X since it's first release back in 2001 and it's definitively not to run Windows on it. A more "elegant" solution would be to run Virtual PC even if it's slower. Remember that the User Experience on Mac is both driven by Harware and Software.

Matt Frye
2006-03-15 15:57:24
My initial impression is that it is genuine. The real question is whether there are any implications for Apple. Can you put Windows on an Intel Mac? Sure, but why would you want to? There are plenty of companies that sell Intel boxes with non-Window OSes on them. They *can* run Windows, but don't. It's not their business model to sell Windows, and I don't think we'll be seeing Apple selling Windows-based Macs anytime soon.
Björn Uhde
2006-03-15 16:41:53
As long as there's no written documentation how this was done, there's no need to believe it's actually true.
If you really did it, please present the world an appropriate video of how it's been setup and what changes had been done to get it going.

Short conclusion: I am not convinced.

Joe Maller
2006-03-15 17:09:04
The video is real, the crappy camera work is way too hard to fake. It could be a hoax if he just hooked up the monitor to a PC, however I'm thinking he really did it.

Assuming he did it and the solution works, this should be known as Narfing. As in, I narfed my Mac to boot Windows. I can't wait to Narf that MacBook, etc.

$12,000 and etymological infamy, not too shabby.

2006-03-15 18:30:50
I think he needs a steadycam.
2006-03-15 19:38:30
Could just be a fullscreen VM install running under VirtualPC for the Mac...
2006-03-15 19:39:03
Could just be a fullscreen VM install running under VirtualPC for the Mac...
2006-03-15 23:41:09
I'll just note at this time that the competition website ( is apparently suitably happy with the solution that was received and tested on iMacs, MacBook Pros and Mac Minis that they have closed the competition and declared it won. More details will apparently be available soon and I have now learned that the grey screen with the Windows logo on it was in fact the OS selection screen (nice!).

The video is definitely genuine but we now just wait to see how easy/hard all this is to achieve. What is also interesting to note is that the site and any future donations will be used to run the process as an open-source project so it looks like there will be continuing investment and that can only be a "good thing".

the boy
2006-03-15 23:51:47
why would you even waste your time doing that?
tony rabun
2006-03-16 06:43:11
Why jiggle the camera incessantly? Easier to connect your internal IMac Monitor to a windows PC sitting inches away than crack the EFI. Hmmm, why does the video hide the System summary page?
The best question of all is :WHY RUN WINDOWS ON A MAC? It's like putting your Ford Pinto engine in your Mustang: sure, you can make it fit but, hey...
2006-03-16 09:32:50
It's for real, you can download the files necessary to do it yourself.

Alasdair Allan
2006-03-16 09:48:11
For real, you can download the patch file yourself and have a go...
2006-03-16 09:49:30
Even if it's real...SO WHAT?
What is the actual point of buying a MAC just to run Windows (or vice-versa)? If your answer is because you need to run some piece of software application, there are alot easier ways to do it. Otherwise, all I see are hackers with alot of free time and insecure egos who needs to find trivial ways of getting attention.

Both Apple and Microsoft said it was possible and that they do nothing to prevent it so this isn't really that big of an accomplishment.

2006-03-16 10:07:36
Although it's not available (yet), Amit Singh's BAMBIOS looks like a more professional solution than what this pseudo-anonymous narf character came up with. All of Amit's work I'm familiar with has a recognizable quality and integrity that I trust, plus it's throughly documented. If I had an Intel Mac and wanted to dual-boot I'd rather wait for BAMBIOS or at least something comparable. The aura surrounding what narf has done seems mysteriously devious, making me wonder if his primary motivation is more to cash in on the bounty than produce high-quality results.
2006-03-16 11:01:39
There are those of us that dual platform development and have to carry around two large laptops. One would be great. This would be a great solution until VMWare or VirtualPC intel is ready. I personaly hate carrying around 15lbs of computer.