Realizing Brain Attic

by Micah Dubinko

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Basically, I've started my own consulting company. I'm now available to help you with projects large and small, especially if they deal with XForms/web forms, standards, open source, or XML. The marketing message (i.e. what kind of impression you want to make on people who haven't otherwise heard of you) revolves around managing information overload.

The name, of course, comes from the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, specifically from A Study in Scarlet, and has ties all the way back to one of my definitive blog posts. Lots has changed, however, since then.

For one, I'm not quite as pumped towards XML. It certainly is useful in the right places, but then again the same can be said for non-XML. XML is a tool, not a religion.

Also, the wonderful Chandler project from OSAF has made lots of steady progress. I expect this to become a major component in computing, and I plan to be ready for it.

So overall, I'm going into this without any key software projects in play. I plan to contribute significantly to at least one open source project, and perhaps start at least one, but on day zero this is completely a consulting path I'm on.

So, contact me and let's get started. -m