Really! And we didn't even know!

by Shashank Tiwari

If you haven't read anything really silly in a long time, then here it comes!

The caption of a picture in the Wired magazine reads --
"Jason Fried (left) and David Heinemeier Hansson of 37signals helped develop much of the software that has enabled Web 2.0. Photo credit: Jessica Wynne."

Here is the link to the original article and the photo --

I am wondering if Wired has created a new definition of web2.0! Folks at zillions of companies including Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Adobe, Sun, Microsoft and ....developers programming in tons of technologies including JavaScript,PHP, Python, ActionScript, Java and are all out of luck :)

What do you think?


2008-03-14 12:01:44
The part that I liked the best wasn't the picture, but the quote from Paul Graham.

But, to be fair to DHH, I'm sure he didn't write this story. I general find him to be reasonable.

Steve Martin
2008-03-28 08:22:57
It looks like more of more of marketing puff piece to promote Ruby.
2008-04-08 17:35:12
Rails is nice, but it is my understanding that Web 2.0 has a lot more to do with javascript and overall website design. If this guy wants to be so entertainingly self-possessed and still retain any credibility, then I think he'll need to admit that rails could use some vast improvements in a lot areas.
ana gomez
2008-05-12 06:27:15
For me it seemed only marketing.
2008-06-10 18:51:53
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