Real-time, worldwide earthquake list Mashup and Tutorial

by Glenn Letham

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Ever wanted to create your own mashup? Now you can using Yahoo! maps and the developer tools they provide. Check out this live Earthquake Map of USGS M>2.5 Rasmus Lerdorf, the developer, made a live Map of earthquakes with magnitude greater than 2.5 and gives a step by step tutorial detailing how he did it. On the topic of MAshups... check out this implementation of AJAX with the Yahoo! Maps API... pretty slick navigation!

The mashup is relatively simple in concept, showing all recent magnitude 2.5+ earthquakes. Each quake epicenter is shown with a small icon displaying the magnitude. Expanding the information reveals the time and direct link to the USGS data on that particularl quake - provided by the earthquake hazards program. Looking deeper at the application though, a useful tutorial is provided... this is the cool stuff! (Note: the developer is an employee of Yahoo!)

The tutorial takes you through:

The raw geocoding API
Writing your first application
Adding a map
Making the map prettier
why Flash?

The tutorial leads to valuable learning tools, like this discussion about using the Map Image in Yahoo! maps... The Yahoo! Maps Map Image API allows you to get a URL pointing to a graphic of a map generated according to the parameters you specify. See Here

See Quake Map Here