Reasons to be cheerful

by Giles Turnbull

April 29th. Now we know when Mac OS X 10.4 will be released, and have all marked the day in our diaries.

Apple has also updated its web site with all the hype (or marketing material, depending on your viewpoint) to back up the big launch.

We've been hearing about big new features like Spotlight and Dashboard for months now, but what about the smaller ones? Apple's list of new features includes some interesting-looking little gems.

Among others, I'm looking forward to playing with...

  • Pocket Address Book printing: "Print a handy pocket address book to take with you anywhere." Nice!

  • Smart groups in Address Book

  • System Info command: "Get info about the operating system environment, including current IP address, user and more." Could come in handy, especially when connected to a new network.

  • Bulleted lists in TextEdit

  • Save as HTML command in TextEdit: "Save TextEdit documents as HTML for use in websites and take advantage of support for strict compliance and style sheet formatting." Yay!

  • Access to Spotlight in Open/Save panels: "Use the powerful new Spotlight to search for documents and folders directly from the open and save panels." Oh man, that's going to be sooooo useful.

  • Using Spotlight on other computers on the network: "Perform a Spotlight search on network-based Home directories in addition to searching local hard drives." Ooooh.

  • Burnable folders in the Finder: "Burn a CD or data DVD directly from the Finder by quickly creating a “burn folder” where you can drag and drop the files you want to save."

  • Dictionary Service: "Call up a dictionary definition for any word on-screen with just one click."

  • Wireless Image Capture: "Wirelessly import images from camera-equipped cellphones via Bluetooth or next-generation digital cameras via WiFi." Curses. Now I'm going to have to start saving up for a WiFi-enabled camera.

  • Battery System Menu: "Easily change power management settings directly from the system menu." Handy.

  • New Network Diagnostics tool for debugging annoying network glitchen.

  • Xgrid: "Take advantage of the power of distributed computing with Xgrid, Apple’s easy-to-use tool that turns a group of Macs into a supercomputer." Etcon will not be the same...

  • PDF Forms: "Fill out and print PDF forms within Preview."

  • Image Keywords: "Add, remove or modify image keywords within Preview." That's a really cool idea.

  • Searchable System Preferences: "Find any system setting simply by typing its name — or a synonym, or even a PC-only term — into the search field." SysPrefs has been driving me nuts for years now.

What are you looking forward to most in Tiger?


2006-03-13 07:06:37
Does this wireless Image Capture really work? I've tried around with some mobilephone but never could get it to work. And there is no list with devices that are proven to work with it, is it?