Reasons to be cheerful, part 2

by Giles Turnbull

Well, it's here. The Tiger's been set loose, and everyone's gawking and geeking. Here's a few widgets, reviews and opinions that have caught my eye...

  • A new version of Quicksilver is ready; some say it's just as useful and compelling as before, despite obvious added competition from Spotlight.

  • "But a gain of just a few percentage points would represent a huge sales increase for Apple." -- Hiawatha Bray, in the Boston Globe

  • Quicktime 7's support for H.264 means huge video images in very efficiently compressed files; the end result looks fabulous. Our very own Tom Bridge has views on this (and he's dead right about the BitTorrent bit ... mmm, anyone making a BitTorrent widget?)
  • Dashlicious, a widget. TailDash, created by the same people, is something I didn't expect - a widget wrapper for a command line tool.

    dashlicious screenshot

  • WebFrog, a unicode text widget.

  • Britannica Search Widget; what, no Google widget? Only a matter of time, hours I suspect. Same applies to Gmail. Everything that was once a candidate for the Menu Bar, or as a Dockling (remember those?) is now destined to become a widget.

  • Some ideas for Smart Folders; again, these sorts of lists are going to be popping up all over the place.

  • FOAF support in Safari

  • Hyperjeff has started a new category for Dashboard widgets

  • BBEdit 8.2 doesn't only offer a bunch of Automator actions, it also includes a new "Highlight all misspelled words" command. Yay!

Now I'm just hoping that my trusty old iBook G3 can cope with the Tiger installation.

Anyone else tried it on a G3 yet?