Re-booting Cocoalicious

by Giles Turnbull

Cocoalicious is a neat open source app for posting links to a account, and browsing through your library (pun intended) outside of your browser.

Sadly, for some users recently, Cocoalicious has been broken. For some reason it simply wouldn’t connect properly to accounts. Old links were stored just fine, but new ones couldn’t be added. At least, that’s how the problem manifested itself to me.

Anyway, the good news is that there appears to be a work-around. Take a look at the very final comment on this blog post and you’ll find simple instructions for amending the Keychain item for your account in Cocoalicious - doing this seems to get things working once again.


Scott Lowe
2007-02-27 06:58:53
I ran into the same issue myself and can vouch for the fact that it does fix the problem. Unfortunately, what is really needed is for some enterprising developer to "reboot" Cocoalicious development (the source code is licensed under a BSD license), which has apparently stalled.


2007-03-04 20:28:41
Doesn't work for me :( Editing the keychain entry to use "https" is fine, but every time I start up Cocoalicious it resets the keychain entry to "http"!
Buzz Andersen
2007-03-04 23:03:50
Ugh, sorry about that everyone. I'm a little preoccupied at the moment, but rest assured, I *will* revisit Cocoalicious some day!
2007-09-07 20:47:05
Yup still broken, shoot.