Recent download diversions

by Giles Turnbull

I'm very taken with Minuteur, the timer utility for OS X that I stumbled upon recently. The simplicity of the interface is refreshing, as is the manner of its execution. To set the timer, you simply drag the timer, just as you might twist an old-style kitchen timer. The sound effects are perfect copies of real-world timers. The app closely resembles the real world device it emulates. Nicely done.

Minuteur window

Another eye-opening discovery is MacDent Pro, a practice management app for dentists everywhere. Who knew?

MacDent Pro window

Finally, miniTunes and iTunes Links both look like potentially useful little helper apps for those people who like to fiddle with iTunes.

Downloaded anything more fun than a tax form recently?


2005-10-24 23:32:21
Dentist app?
Oh come on Giles - a dentis application? You must want to stay away from the taxes real (REAL!) bad ;-)