Recent Press Coverage of the Apache Synapse incubation announcement

by David A. Chappell

Since making the announcement yesterday morning, a number of trade publications have reported on Synapse. Here is a list of what I have seen, which includes eWeek, InfoWorld, CNET, LooselyCoupled, InternetNews, and TheRegister -

The Register (UK)

ESB project planned by Apache

By Gavin Clarke in San Francisco
Published Friday 19th August 2005 02:43 GMT
The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is drilling deeper into infrastructure software with plans for an open source enterprise service bus (ESB) project.
ASF is next week expected to announce the ESB project, backed by a brace of software vendors and led by integration specialist Sonic Software. A source familiar with the project told The Register the ASF is offering customers an alternative to closed-source ESBs to "keep vendors honest." - USA

Enterprise Service Bus Effort Under Apache Incubation - USA
The Apache Software Foundation is now incubating a web services broker/ Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) project called Synapse. The ...


Apache expands Web services reach

Martin LaMonica
August 21, 2005
The Apache Software Foundation is expected to launch on Monday an open-source integration server project, part of a bigger effort to create a full suite of Web services infrastructure software.
Called Apache Synapse, the proposed project will create server software that processes XML documents as they travel between two machines.
Called a "Web services broker" or an enterprise service bus (ESB), Synapse will be designed to perform tasks such as translating between different XML document formats and routing information based on its contents….


Apache kick-starts open source Web services

Synapse project aims to deliver a scalable, distributed services broker based on Web services standards
Eric Knorr
August 22, 2005

Go beyond a few basic protocols, and confusion still reigns in the wild world of Web services and SOA. Not just the towering, complex stack of Web services specs, but also fundamental questions about how those specs should work together and how Web services should be deployed and managed.

A new open source answer to those questions, dubbed the Apache Synapse project, has arrived from an unlikely location: Sri Lanka. That country, not known as a technology hotbed, is the home of WSO2, a Web services venture founded by leaders of the Apache Web services project. Synapse, which WSO2 is publicly submitting to the Apache Software Foundation (Profile, Products, Articles) today, is intended to produce a lightweight, scalable, distributed services broker based on Web services standards. The kernel will be X-broker, donated by software vendor Infravio (Profile, Products, Articles), which will participate in the project along with middleware players Blue Titan, Iona, and Sonic Software (Profile, Products, Articles)….


WSO2 Announces Web Services Mediation Project

Darryl K. Taft
August 22, 2005,1895,1850787,00.asp
WSO2, a startup focusing on open-source Web services, is expected to announce Monday a new project to create a Web services mediation framework known as Synapse and submit it to the Apache Software Foundation's incubator program.
Sanjiva Weerawarana, founder, chairman and CEO of Colombo, Sri Lanka-based WSO2 (which means Web Services Oxygen), said his company is being joined by four other founding companies that are leaders in the Web services and ESB (enterprise service bus) spaces: Blue Titan, Infravio, IONA and Sonic Software.
Weerawarana said Synapse is an open-source implementation of a Web service mediation framework and components for building and deploying SOAs (service-oriented architectures). It sets a framework for working between two Web services and enables users to define routing and other factors between services.
"Synapse is a Web services mediation framework that will provide a common core to be utilized by ESBs, Web services management platforms and other types of SOA infrastructure," said Dave Chappell, vice president and chief technology evangelist at Sonic Software….

Synapse to spark web services connections

by Phil Wainewright
August 22nd, 2005

A group of vendors are bidding to standardize a core piece of web services infrastructure on open-source code. According to its backers, the result could simplify development of enterprise web services projects, enhancing interoperability and scalability as web services adoption grows.

Apache-sponsored Synapse open-source project aims to build a universal web services intermediary: It will be a base-level component of ESB and services management products Adoption will ease interchangeability of infrastructure products
Independent of Java, it will be optimized for Linux Enterprise developers are expected to use it for build and test It enforces deployment of a services mediation layer ….