Recommendations for Mobile Devices community help sites?

by Todd Ogasawara

I just responded to a comment about a Pocket PC database app and ended by recommending the person go to a Windows Mobile community help site for more detailed assistance.
Then, I realized I should probably post a list of Windows Mobile community sites I know about.
But, then it occured to me that I do not know much about tech help community sites for other kinds of devices.
So, I'm reaching out to get recommendations for mobile devices tech help community web sites.

What web-sites do you recommend for getting mobile devices help?
Some of the platforms and device types that probably interest most people include:

  • Palm OS based devices
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile (Windows CE) based devices (Pocket PC and Smartphone)
  • Symbian based devices (including Nokia Series 60)
  • Digital cameras
  • MP3 and Digital Video players

Chime in and I'll build us a reference list.

Let us know what mobile device community sites you recommend for getting technical help.


2005-08-16 13:42:48
Dave's iPAQ
Todd, I would like to submit my site

2005-08-17 14:38:38
I run Geekzone (, with a few forums covering Windows Mobile, Wireless, Bluetooth, GSM and CDMA. We have just recently introduced forums specific for the New Zealand community, including areas for users of Vodafone and Telecom New Zealand services.


2005-08-17 19:27:41

Good idea. I would love to have added to the list. While I may be a little bias, I think the site is a great resource for people that are looking for devices and information about PDAs.

2005-08-18 07:59:36
Great site for Smartphone people! :) All the way from starting, copying stuff across and syncing your phone to advanced stuff like hard resets, tweaking and software installs.

2005-08-22 12:08:55
Smartphone Thoughts
There's some great sites already mentioned, so what's one more? ;-) Smartphone Thoughts covers the daily news, views, rants and raves about Microsoft's Windows Mobile Smartphone based devices. The forums have lots of friendly and knowledgeable people to help solve your problems or chat about the days news.

Smartphone Thoughts