Red Hat's Emerging Technology Group and Python

by Noah Gift

I just found out about a really interesting use of Python, that Red Hat Emerging Technology is developing called func. This was in a recent article at Red Hat Magazine, who I happen to write for as well btw.

We will be covering some examples of func in our book. At a high level though, func allows you to administer machines with python and python scripts. Here are a few examples from their front page:

import func.overlord.client as fc
client = fc.Client("*;*")

# package controls!

# service controls!

# hardware info!

# etc ... etc ..

I really like this example too, of rebooting all machines running http:

results = fc.Client("*").service.status("httpd")
for (host, returns) in results.iteritems():
if returns == 0:

It is great to see Python use exploding at Red Hat. The cobbler/PXE boot project is also quite cool.


Abe Usher
2008-02-28 18:22:20
Func plus Amazon EC2 seems like a match made in heaven! Create a virtual server farm on Amazon for $0.10 per server, then script your administration work using func. Awesome!