Redhat Announces its Java Application Server

by Steve Mallett

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Redhat has beaten Apache's Geronimo to the punch... at least in releasing code for their Java application server.

Are you going to take it for a test drive? If you have, what do you think?


2003-12-19 01:35:47
wtf are you on?
They've just repackaged Tomcat and Jonas. Repackaging these fine products is alot harder (and takes alot more time) than writing an appserver from scratch.
2003-12-19 04:40:51
wtf are you on?
I may be mistaken, but the Geronimo team (whom I love dearly as you'll see later today) is also working with JOnAS. And I don't forsee them replacing Tomcat.

Plus, all I said was that Redhat released code. Not that they rawked! Geronimo.

I'm on my chair. 8^)