Refactoring Everything, Day 16

by chromatic

This 30-day project explores the refactoring of a legacy system. The Everything Engine is an aging software project that powers Perl Monks, Everything 2, and a few other websites. It suffers from poor design and maintainiability. Learn what it's like to look over the shoulder of an experienced developer as he refactors, redesigns, and updates the code.

Today's task is to start porting the nodegroup tests. This will take a couple of days. It's painful, but it's good for me. That's what I keep telling myself.


2006-05-09 05:55:04
Well...who knew? I guess that in the end, excellence is what we all strive for...after all, it is perfection that is the key to programming, isn't it?
2006-05-09 06:00:15
Hmm...853? Maybe 1987 will be the magic number...I like that one.
2006-05-09 11:24:35
Mel, I'm not sure that perfection is the ultimate goal of programming. I think sufficient simplicity is. (It's also a difficult goal to reach.)