Refactoring Everything, Day 3

by chromatic

This 30-day project explores the refactoring of a legacy system. The Everything Engine is an aging software project that powers Perl Monks, Everything 2, and a few other websites. It suffers from poor design and maintainiability. Learn what it's like to look over the shoulder of an experienced developer as he refactors, redesigns, and updates the code.


Stevan Little
2006-04-12 14:40:51
You might want to give Moose at look instead of Class::Std. It does not bring along all the baggage of inside-out objects (required DESTROY calls, etc.), and will handle your attributes and accessor generation for you. It also will (very shortly) have full Perl 6 style Roles, and of course has all the .meta goodness of Class::MOP backing it up.
2006-04-12 14:53:54
I do like inside-out objects, but plan to look at Moose in the near future. If possible, I'd like to turn these objects into more-or-less record/model objects, so it's not clear if I need much beyond accessor generation.