Reference Model for SOA Draft 10

by Jim Alateras

I have just read the OASIS's Reference Model for Service Oriented Architectures Working Draft 10 document. It has changed significantly from Draft 7, which was the previously version I read. This version is a lot lighter (28 vs 42 page) and deals with SOA at a more abstract level.

It does a good job in identifying and describing the various SOA concepts and has a good section on the importance of incorporating semantic information though ontologies and vocabularies to facilitate richer interactions between web services. Unfortunately, it has done away with the the layered SOA diagram, which illustrates the relationship between the various SOA concepts. In general the document can do with more illustrations.

A Web Services binding document, illustrating how the reference model can be applied to web service context would be a largely appreciated and a good next step for the working group.

In general it will be interesting to see how the reference model is adopted by various industries and in particular whether it will be used to define more domain specific reference architectures (i.e finance, telecommunications).

Definitely a worth while read for software architects.