Re-introduction and Shameless Self Promotion :-)

by Todd Ogasawara

Some people may be familiar with my writing/blogging about Windows Mobile, Mac applications, or Freeware and Free & Open Source Software for Windows & Macs. Microsoft gave me a unique way to discuss why I'm so interested in getting Open Source and Proprietary software products to work together. You can find three short videos of me talking about what I do and why I do it at...

Microsoft Open Source Heroes - Todd's profile

There are a couple of minor detail glitches in the text part. But, you know how things get lost-in-translation :-) In any case, it is an interesting way for me to say "hello" to you all. So, Iet's see how this works.

Hope to "see" (read) your comments to the blog topics Dustin and I write about for Inside Port 25.