RELAX NG lives on

by Michael Fitzgerald

Just when you thought RELAX NG was moribund, summarily lanced by the Sith lords of schema, it shows up in the most interesting places. This time it has appeared in the latest W3C working draft for XHTML 2.0 as a normative schema definition for the markup language. I am guessing that thanks must go to ISHIKAWA, Masayasu for this. It has also worked its way into the IETF RFC for Atom 0.8, thanks to Norm Walsh. Long live RELAX NG.


2005-06-01 12:13:31
Also used for OpenDocument
RNG is also used for the OpenDocument specification (an XML application used in 2.0 and next version of KOffice). Details are at this URL.
2005-06-01 16:01:16
It never was dead.
Where did you get that from? Don’t let them brainwash you. :-)
2005-06-03 04:19:14
Also used for OpenDocument
And apparently also for svg (normative) and rdf (non-normative, but no other specified)