Release of PyPy 0.8.0

by Jeremy Jones

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From the release announcement:

pypy-0.8.0: Translatable compiler/parser and some more speed

The PyPy development team has been busy working and we've now packaged
our latest improvements, completed work and new experiments as
version 0.8.0, our third public release.

The highlights of this third release of PyPy are:

- Translatable parser and AST compiler. PyPy now integrates its own
compiler based on Python own 'compiler' package but with a number
of fixes and code simplifications in order to get it translated
with the rest of PyPy. This makes using the translated pypy
interactively much more pleasant, as compilation is considerably
faster than in 0.7.0.

- Some Speed enhancements. Translated PyPy is now about 10 times
faster than 0.7 but still 10-20 times slower than
CPython on pystones and other benchmarks. At the same time,
language compliancy has been slightly increased compared to 0.7
which had already reached major CPython compliancy goals.

- Some experimental features are now translateable. Since 0.6.0, PyPy
shipped with an experimental Object Space (the part of PyPy
implementing Python object operations and manipulation) implementing
lazily computed objects, the "Thunk" object space. With 0.8.0 this
object space can also be translated preserving its feature