Remember kids; maths can be fun!

by Giles Turnbull

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At last! A calculator you can type into!

Putting Longhand through its paces

Longhand is a calculator for computer users. Rather than emulating the interface of good old fashioned pocket calculators, Longhand lets you type your calculations just as if you were typing in a terminal.

It can handle trigonometry and multiple bases, and best of all lets you delete and re-type calculations when you go wrong. I'm no mathematician, in fact maths was the subject I dreaded most while I was at school, but I'd imagine this sort of simplicity might be invaluable to those people -- scientists, academics, managers and yes, even programmers -- who need to have a mathematical mind.

It's free! Why not give it a try?


2005-01-12 16:23:21
An alternative: ThufirCalc from Peter N. Lewis.

Brings a pop-up utility window to the front at a key combination, holds data in registers to be utilized in later calculations, has no "tape" to take up screen space.

I can't rave enough -- or sufficiently -- about ThufirCalc, so you'll just have to check it out for yourself. Since there doesn't appear to be an official web page for it, "google" for "thufircalc-x-20.sit" (to find the OS X version).

Cost: Free!

2005-01-13 01:32:29
J from Jsoftware has a shell, calculation is just as easy, and it is of course an array-based programming language.

examples of usage

2005-01-13 02:12:11

CalcService adds calculator features to every text view of any Application. You can make computations in TextEdit, Mail, Safari, etc... Pi and other useful constants are built-in, even variables.

No app to open, just select your computation and type Command-=.

Greatest. Service. Ever.

2005-01-13 02:41:18
Or, just use Google
2005-01-13 06:24:26
"At last?"

MathPad, a general purpose graphing scientific calculator, has been around since the Mac was a funny looking box with a little built-in black and white screen.

2005-01-13 10:32:45
MathML and programmers' math talent
MathML is a great way for letting everybody use their own preferred tool for math, or creating it and exchange their work.

I think there's quite some positive correlation between math skills and programming skills. It's both about thinking in structures and relations.

2005-01-14 06:31:52
Very Sweet!
I have to admit, this Longhand is very sweet. It is a blend of the old and new. The old: tape-based calculators so you can have a record of previous calculations. The new: scientific functions and semi-complex equations.
2005-01-16 04:48:14
The old unix (and excellent) unix command line calculator program is included in OS X.

Open up the terminal and type man bc for the manual.