Reminder: Security Bloggers Network

by Anton Chuvakin

Just a reminder (or heads-up, for those who have not seen it before) - if you want to see the best security blogs in one place, just bookmark this RSS feed for a Security Bloggers Network on FeedBurner.

And, it goes without saying, that if do blog on infosec matters, you should join!


Edward Finkler
2007-01-21 20:05:01
How do we join?
2007-01-31 18:51:29
There are NO instructions for joining.
2007-01-31 18:55:48
Where are the instructions for joining??
2007-01-31 18:58:10
Doh! Feedburner Tech Support says you need an invite, but not WHO to contact! How about a little INFORMATION??? somewhere?
2007-02-01 12:09:04
No information ANYWHERE on how to join. Security by obscurity. How impressive.