Reminiscing About (and Possibly Porting) Software

by chromatic

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I'm thrilled to see projects like Exult, ScummVM, and Rezrov. I'm looking forward to seeing an Infocom interpreter on Parrot.

Maybe it's nostalgia. The games I remember from junior high and high school (Impossible Mission, Wizardry, Ultima, Echelon, the Gold Box series) still seem pretty compelling. I never finished Sam & Max, for one, and I'd replay Day of the Tentacle if I could figure out where that CD went. I never played Elite, though the idea really appeals to me.

I always wanted a version of X-Wing that would acknowledge that I'd destroyed the Star Destroyer in a previous mission....

Maybe it's too difficult to reimplement some of the software we converts miss. Not everything was built on a virtual machine that can be reverse engineered and ported. Still, I think there's room for a silver age. Given what a Richard Garriott or a David W. Bradley had and what they produced, why shouldn't an enterprising game hacker or two come up with something that satisfies that nostalgia but uses modern tools?

Falcon's Eye, Tux Racer, Civil... What's new in Open Source game development?


2002-11-28 01:31:52
Heh! I recently finished Day Of The Tentacle after not playing it for a few years - its still as funny and compelling as it was first time round! The Sam And Max CD is in my drawer, but I havent had time to play it recently. Actually, I've now got a craving to play The Secret Of Monket Island again.... :-)