Remote TiVo scheduling works well from airplanes

by Matthew Gast

Yesterday, I was flying back home to San Francisco. After boarding the plane, I received a phone call from my parents, who told me that Jon Stewart had appeared on 60 Minutes, but they had missed all but three minutes of his appearance and there would be no re-run. (Perhaps they were looking at their own TiVo guide data.)

My parents live in Chicago, in the Central time zone. Due to the time zones, network programs will air in the Pacific time zone two or three hours after the Central time zone. With TiVo's remote scheduling feature, I could schedule a recording on their Web site, but I'd just stepped out of range of the nearest hot spot when I went down the jetway. Thankfully, TiVo's Web site isn't a graphics-laden monstrosity. From my seat on the plane, I fired up my laptop, connected to the Internet with GRPS, and logged in to the TiVo Web site. A quick search later, and I'd set the show to record on my TiVo in California just as the flight crew was ordering the deactivation of electronic devices. When I arrived home, the program was waiting for me!


2004-10-25 14:40:37
TiVo rocks. TiVo just rocks.
You'll pry my TiVo control away from my cold dead fingers. Anyone who thinks that "a linux tuner controlled by freely downloadable TV guides" (FreeVo) is anything at all like TiVo has not used TiVo for a week.

When my TiVo broke last year, I paid extra for "overnight shipping" to get my replacement unit. TiVo-Crack, they should call it. Gimme my TiVo-Crack.

2005-01-13 06:34:05
Try KnoppixMythtv with its remote web based scheduling and its ablilty to get FREE schedule updates and you might rethink paying for Tivo. I am able to burn content to DVD, manage my schedule from work and work on the OS all from my office. Tivo is really great if you want to just point and click but i love to learn new things for FREE. Get it?