Renaming Rails or Ruby

by Caleb Tennis

No doubt Rails is becoming popular - just looking at the number of folks joining the ruby-talk mailing list and asking Rails specific questions. It's happening very frequently now - I think mainly because of the confusion between what is Ruby and what is Ruby on Rails. For the most part, they are kindly directed over to the Rails mailing list for better help with their questions. However, the frequency of this question and reply session is picking up dramatically. Thus, it seems like the most natural solution is to rename either Ruby or Ruby on Rails to something that helps differentiate between the two.

I'm just kidding about renaming the projects. But the comment board is open - hit us up with some of your (humorous) thoughts.


Antonio Cangiano
2005-12-23 11:46:42
Now, let's not promote again Puby! :-)
nine bet
2006-03-07 02:20:16