Rendezvous Streaming

by Scot Hacker

All the hubbub surrounding the new iTunes store has eclipsed the fact that it's now possible to share music collections via Rendezvous. I'm sitting at work listening to music stored on my Mac at home. All 16,000 tracks are available, with all the usual search functionality. All my playlists (both standard and "smart") are available. I'm in hog heaven. If you set sharing on in iTunes 4 prefs, you can also provide a direct link into any point in your collection -- Cmd-Click and select Copy URL. It's also possible to link to specific items in the iTunes store. Check these examples.


2003-04-30 14:28:43
re: Rendezvous Streaming
Anyone have the inside scoop to what port number needs to be open for NAT? Any other caveats for streaming to the other side of a firewall?
2003-04-30 14:48:45
re: Rendezvous Streaming
at, there's a thread going on about this... if i noted it down correctly you'll have to open port 3689.
but you can map the stream to any other port if you want, or if you have several streams behin a router.
hope that helps
2003-04-30 19:17:39
It's NOT Rendezvous streaming...
It is only Rendezvous streaming when you DON'T have to choose "Collect to Shared Music?", but rather, the music that someone shares just shows up in your left pane along with the library, CDs, and playlists. I would imagine that for you to connect to your Music at home, you would have to enter the IP address or the name of your site, just like I did from my work. Please clarify in this article how you connected to your home network using Rendezvous. Are you connected to your home using a VPN?
Eytan Bernet
2003-05-02 10:33:31
It's NOT Rendezvous streaming...
Eytan - first the entire music database is downloaded to the client, which enables you to have random access within it. But when you select a track, playback begins immediately, so there is streaming involved. No, it's not synchronous streaming as it is with genuine webcasting, but it most certainly is streaming (streaming has many forms).
2003-05-02 13:37:49
It's NOT Rendezvous Streaming Part 2
Rendezvous is a discovery protocol. iTunes sharing works with our without the discovery protocol. The without part is available in the "Advanced" menu.

The streaming part has nothing to do with Rendezvous.