Repeating History with RSS

by Marc Hedlund

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At the "Publishing Models" session of the BlogOn conference, people are bringing up all the arguments against adoption of RSS. "It's too techy." "Publishers will want control of their content." "It will be too hard to monetize." "Consumers will not understand what RSS means."

All of these arguments remind me nearly verbatim of the objections to adoption of the Web ten years ago. http://? Give me a break! Give newspaper content away for free? How will that ever work?

It seems to me that commerce will find a way. I look at the great RSS products, my favorite being Bloglines, and I can clearly see analogous methods for them to become very big businesses, just as Web sites have become commercially successful today -- even newspaper Web sites.


2004-07-25 01:48:41
Best RSS Reader
For me the best RSS reader is PulpFiction Runs on Mac OS X only, though.