Reports of my death are almost true

by Jacek Artymiak

If you were wondering where I've been for the last few weeks, here is the answer. Got out of it alive, but ended up in a hospital:


The guy who drove into me did not stop at the 'Give way' sign. It's his third crash in the last 3 months since he got his driver's license. He's 19. Who gave him the license?

I must say these dinky little Toyotas are built like elephants, the other guys Ford Mondeo estate is heading for the scrapyard. The next car I buy will be a LandCruiser with bull bars... No, don't teach me about protecting the environment. There were over 1,4 million old, mostly post-crash cars imported into Poland since we joined the EU last year. Everyone and their dog wants a cheap car and the roads are full of inexperienced fools behind the steering wheels.

How do we use technology to spot dangerous drivers before they ram into us?


2005-06-03 12:36:47
More reasons why humans shouldn't be driving.
I worked in a lab for a while that developed sources for local radar at the 20-200GHz range. It was interesting stuff, and I think one day it might help us get to the point where most major roads have some sort of autopilot system. Merge onto a major highway, and just let the road take over. I see enough idiots driving in Chicago, I wonder how they ever managed to get a license.

On another related note, you might find the following very interesting:
It has links to different intersection model - in one there is a standard traffic light, and in another cars have to reserve space in the intersection before they can pass through. I like the idea of intersections being managed by the negotiation of autonomous agents, but I also know how buggy software can be and if I ever lived in that world I'd have to close my eyes every time I entered an intersection.

Glad you are still with us.