by Noah Gift

I am pleased to announce we have a special PyAtl meeting this December 13th, in Atlanta, GA! Some consider WSGI to be the future of Python web development, and Derek Richardson, Brandon Rhodes and the Atlanta-Plone User Group, have arranged to bring the authors of Repoze, Chris McDonough and Tres Seaver, to our local PyAtl meeting. With Repoze, it allows Zope/Zope Components, and standard web application frameworks to work together under a unified WSGI stack.

"If you haven't been paying attention, pay attention to Repoze. I'm pretty sure this is the future. Repoze lets us set up Zope so that it runs directly in Apache (using mod_wsgi), no separate process to manage. It lets us create pipelines with things like Deliverance in them. Virtual hosting, retry (on ConflictError) and transaction management is all middleware, enabled or disabled as desired with a dead-simple configuration file and re-usable in other contexts. The Repoze website runs four or five different pieces of software, all themed up using the same Deliverance theme. Issue tracking with roundup, blogging with pyxblossom. This is cool stuff. :-)"
-Martin Aspelli

If you would like to attend, I would highly recommend doing a RSVP ASAP, as it appears we are going to have a full house. If you want to see the future come to the next PyAtl meeting, details below. There will also be a sprint that Friday following the meeting, for those lucky enough to be able to skip work.

Please go to our meetup site for more information:

Repoze Event RSVP PyAtl

(We will also be talking about our Python Web Development Related Conference planned for this summer! Stay tuned for more information.)