Request-for-Comment: Should MSFT Implement Support for XQuery 1.0 Over Stand Alone Xml Documents?

by M. David Peterson

Update: So that's embarassing... It's obvious now after comparing the pictures side-by-side that, in fact, it was Mike Champion who made the post, not Dr. Michael Rys...

Mike Champion > | < Dr. Michael Rys

I know... I KNOW! It's clear now, but I'm telling ya, when I made the post, I could have sworn it was the other way around.

What's sad is that this isn't the first time I've made such an error.

It seems I need to learn how to recognize the difference between the following two sequence of letters:



I think its obvious how easily the mistake of mixing one with the other could be made if one is not careful. Apparently, I was not very careful. To my defense (and inherently pathetic attempt at an excuse) you Microsoft people all look and sound the same to me ;) :D

Actually, truth be known, you Microsoft people *REALLY DO* all look the same to me... ;)

Mike Champion > | < Dr. Michael Rys

I'd promise to never make the same mistake again... But the odds are clearly not in my favor. ;-)

Corrections are inline below. Thanks for the clarification, Michael!

[Original Post]

In a recent post to the MSFT XML Team Weblog, Dr. Michael Rys Mike Champion writes,

Microsoft XML Team's WebLog : Standalone XQuery Implementation in .NET?

We very much wish to hear from our user community about their requirements that could be met with XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0. We announced last week that we are actively working on an XSLT 2.0 implementation. As with XLST 2.0, those needing an implementation of XQuery that runs in the .NET environment may wish to check out the Saxon open source project or the schema-aware commercial version produced by Saxonica Likewise, those needing query and transformation features over standalone XML files could help us understand whether XSLT 2.0 meets your needs, or if you think XQuery is more suitable.

A bit further down he continues with,


Michael Rys
2007-02-10 10:06:49
Hi David, the post was written and posted by the other Michael (Champion). I just linked to it ;-)
M. David Peterson
2007-02-10 10:20:45
Hey Michael,

UGG!!! That's -> <- twice in two years! ;-)

Thanks for letting me know... Will update the post now. :)

2007-02-14 10:49:53
I have been a Microsoft developer for a LOOOONG time, and I know that they could create a great product, and it seems thaey already have a big chunck done with the xQuery processing in Sql Server 2005 and with some of the great work they have done with XML in .Net. So you might ask why do they not create a stand alone product?
Let me answer you with another question: what is Microsoft BEST at? Creating innovative software? IMHO - no. They usually follow the pack. What M$ is good at is software BUSINESS. They always chase the money. They are saying "FIRST there has to be a demand, then we will make a product".
Please note another important aspect of Microsoft - in a way I love the way they support the "developers, developers, developers", but they have not always looked out for what is best for the community. It seems so many times that the 'proper' commities (W3, IETF, OASIS, etc) do a lot of work to create a specification, and then Microsoft want to OWN it. They change it in subtle ways, or take it over completely like the tried with InfoPath.
2008-01-20 08:08:01
im looking for the mike champion . the xml project guy at microsoft. the one from michigan.