restlet 1.0.4 released!

by Jim Alateras

restlet v1.0.4 was released last week with improved Spring integration. Check out the change log or download the zip archive.

The public restlet maven repository will be updated on the 1st August.

Well done Jerome, Thierry et al!


Guillaume Serre
2007-07-31 05:21:51
I was looking at a simple way to implement a REST based service in my app, and I'm sorry to say that the 10 megs runtime with Spring and everything seems overkill to me, going through the list of the features and dependencies, I really think that lightweight isn't an appropriate adjective for restlet.
Jerome Louvel
2007-07-31 11:47:28
Thanks Jim for following up the project news!

Guillaume, the downloadable distribution contains all the potential extensions and dependencies for convenience mostly and you just use what you need. You can also use the Maven repository to only download the useful JARs.

The size of Restlet API + Core implementation is just above 300Kb, with zero dependency beside a JRE 5.0. If you add the Simple HTTP server connector, it's just 230Kb in additional JARs.

In version 1.1 we will have simple HTTP server and HTTP client connectors inside the core JAR which will provide a full HTTP client/server solution for only 330Kb.

I think this do qualify for lightweight no? If you know how to make it smaller let me know how and we will happily refactor what can be.

Best regards,

Patrick Carroll
2007-09-04 09:15:33
Here's Joel Spolsky's note on "bloatware":