Return of the Jedi.

by Steve Mallett

Tim Perdue is back. The original developer of SourceForge has been busily building, or fixing, where VA (Research|Linux|Software) cutoff or leftoff with its previously open source code. And, the end result is waaaay cool.

I am seriously pumped about this app. GForge is a fork of the previously open source code "alexandria" that ran SourceForge. From the GForce website: "... the GForge functionality is important not only to the Open Source community, but to the wider business community. Since VA has not released the source in over one year, despite their promises to the contrary, a fork was necessary to ensure a viable open source version of the codebase."

Sure, it's cool that Tim has picked up where others have failed in continuing the open source version of SourceForge, but GForge goes way beyond what the code was.
The installation has been simplified, the foundries "..* and related nonsense have been removed." As Tim alludes to on the GForge site it's made for your own boxen.

He states that a lot of the "hacks" (believe me there were serious, in a convoluted way, hacks of the old code) and optimizations have been removed from GForge. This can only be good since the original SF code was made to operate for 500,000+ users. Or at least it does now.

Getting the code to this level is great, but GForge is better than just that. Aside from the easier install there is optional mailman, jabber, and Python support. All this and a much improved GUI.

Welcome back Tim and thanks for the gift.