Review : Nokia N80i WiFi/Cellular Phone

by Brian McConnell

I've been using VoIP hardware and software since the mid-1990s. It'd be an understatement to say that I've grown cynical about the claims of telecom equipment vendors and service providers, but every now and then a product comes along that lives up to its hype. The Nokia N80i phone belongs in that categorgy. I've been putting it through its paces for about two months now, and indeed, using it as my primary phone. It's an impressive product, and goes on sale in the US and Europe this month.

UPDATE: to avoid confusion, this review covers a not-for-sale prototype of the Nokia N80i, which is just starting to ship this week in the US and Europe, and not the N80, which has been available for a while (but does not support VoIP). If you are shopping for this phone, double check with merchants due to the similarity in model numbers and outward appearance. Link to Nokia announcement.


James Webster
2006-11-28 02:15:19

Are you sure you are talking about the N80 here, and not the N80i instead? The N80 has been available in Oz at least for a few months, and think it has been available in Europe for quite a while as well. I think the N80 did not have the support for SIP that you are talking about, whereas baked-in SIP support was a primary feature of the N80i I believe. Just thought I would check anyway!

Brian McConnell
2006-11-28 08:03:36

I was told it was an N80, but it could be a N80i. I did not have retail packaging, just the phone, a headset and power cord. The model number on the phone itself was N80 Proto.

This particular model just started shipping in Europe, and I am told will be available in the US this week. So you're probably right about the model number being a N80i.

2006-11-30 23:15:14
There are some reports that the VoIP software on the Nokia phones (E61, in particular) can not do NAT traversal. This means that if you do not have a public IP on your phone, you will not be able to make calls using SIP
2006-12-24 13:14:57
N80i CAN do NAT traversal
2007-01-13 23:43:59
i'm on the cingular network with an unlocked nokia n80 is there any way i can use push to talk or mobile t.v as i'm currently unable to. possibly through a third party service? please respond to my e-mail
2007-02-21 22:37:58
It is the N80i, the i is for Internet Edition. The standard N80 doesn't have the VoIP capability although the firmware can be upgraded to include it.
Francesco Cardi
2007-03-11 13:11:35
Great post, thank you very much!
2007-03-31 10:03:28
I bought the N80IE a month ago. It's great, so many features I'll never use. Tmobile was happy to support it (helpdesk) so I could set up my laptop for internet access via usb cable.
I had issues with the wireless network config. at first, but a wireless wizard is available from nokia that made it idiot proof.
I do have to watch what I leave on, if its scanning for hotspots, the battery, which is week to begin with, only lasts a couple hours.
the cell reception is a little worse than my old Nokia, but not bad. lets see, it's pretty easy to navigate the web on it. sometimes it hangs up for a short period, I found shutting it off once a day helps "reboot"
camera isn't the greatest 3 mega pixel I've had. Blurry images, I think they suggest you use the delay or something, but haven't followed up on it.
I used google maps on the phone in New orleans, was a nice asset. Yahoo, google, opera all have nice downloads worth while.
I started to set up a Gizmo voip account on it, but if I don't have cell service then a wireless hot spot is even less likely.
2007-05-01 00:14:13
Actually i want this mobile. but i dont have any money to buy it. Can u guys help me...?? my mail id is

2007-05-31 01:33:33
how to upgrade N80 firmware to get the voip capapibility.,,
2008-01-11 08:18:48
May I know if this N80i could be installed with skype? Pls. respond to my email! Thanks!
2008-08-04 08:11:59
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