Review of Sony Ericsson W810i

by Bruce Stewart

se_w810i.jpgO'Reilly online editorial director Derrick Story has just posted a detailed review of his new Sony Ericsson W810i multi-function handset. His overall impression is very positive, noting that the W810i does a good job of combining the functions of a normal cell phone, PIM, camera, MP3 player and FM radio in a small and attractive package. Being a Mac aficionado, Derrick is also pleased with how the W810i "just works" with iSync to keep track of his OS X contacts and calendar. Derrick does find a couple of minor irritations like not being able to send SMS via his OS X Address book and wishing the handset had a stereo mini-jack, but overall he seems very happy with the purchase.

It's a feat of engineering to squeeze all of these features into a phone that is essentially the same size as the one it replaces. Sound quality is great on all fronts, screen is bright and saturated, design and construction are top notch.


2006-07-20 11:37:30
2007-12-27 10:34:29
I've been looking into getting th w810i and was wondering if you can recommend something - best thing ive come across so far is $219 at is that a good company?