Review of the Linksys Dual Mode iPhone

by Bruce Stewart

CIT300_med.jpgSo the iPhone really is here. (Actually, it's been here since October 2005 at least, but more on that later). I was recently given an evaluation unit of the new Linksys CIT300 Dual-Mode Internet Telephony kit, a member of the Linksys iPhone line. The kit includes a combination landline / Skype cordless phone and a base unit that connects to your landline and a PC running Skype. I was excited to put this new gadget through some paces. I'm not a huge Skype user, but if this device truly integrates Skype with my existing home phone service, that has the potential to change my calling habits.

I'll say right up front that I had an overall very positive experience with the CIT300. The phone is well designed, easy to use, and could go a long way towards bringing Skype into even more households. It does an admirable job of including key Skype functionality on a small handset, and handles its dual life as a landline cordless phone gracefully. But for several factors, the biggest being the inconsistent quality I experience with SkypeOut and SkypeIn calls, I'm not going to be switching to a device like this in my home anytime soon.


2006-12-24 20:49:02
very interesting. will there be a phamplet for novice wifi users?