Review: T-Mobile Hotspot@Home (Thumbs Up)

by Brian McConnell

I have been a T-Mobile customer for several years, and while I have had issues with their customer service (like all phone companies, it's trying) I have been happy with their phone service. As phone companies go, they are an innovative company, and have done a great job carving a niche out for themselves among the youth and small business markets. This week, I upgraded to their new Hotspot@Home product, and while the iPhone has been sucking all of the air out of the room in recent weeks, I concluded that this is a much more disruptive, and useful, service that other carriers will be wise to watch.


2007-08-16 08:33:53
I've been considering this for when I finally get around to migrating from my Sony Ericsson P910 to the P990 with WiFi and 3G support.
Greg Hedy
2007-08-19 05:45:27
I got this phone with the $39.99 1000 minute plan and did not have to spend $59.99 a month
Choose another carrier
2007-09-04 12:15:50
T-mobile is the worst provider available! Their customer service is horrid and they'll nickle and dime you for everything!
Unsatisfied customer
2007-09-15 13:08:10
I have T-Mobile and have had the usual problems off and on for a few years but nothing major untiel recently. Recently they deducted two payments of over $340.00 from my checking account. i did not authorize one of the payments. I faxed over information to show the error but got the run around. Every time I called someone told me something different. Turns out that it can be a week or more (business days) before the can refund my money...of course, that is after the review committee looks at it. I asked to apeak to someone about this or if there was someone I could call and they told me know. i asked one girl if there was a boos over her and she said "no." I asked are you the boss of the compnay today and she said yes!!! WOW!!! I hope that customer service supervisor is making killer money since she owns T-Mobile. I have to wonder why they won't give phone numbers out to any of the departments that handle disputes. I asked if someone from that part of the company could call me on Monday and the customer care representative said "NO." One of customer service representative (I spoke to several) told me to e-mail from the website. I tried this on several computers but the e-mail wouldn't go through. I think I have the right to ask for my own money back, money I nevered authorized T-Mobile to take out. My suggestion to any one that has problems with cell phone companies like T-Mobile is to contact FDCIA since they regulate these compnaies. FDCIA will contanct someone higher up about the matter. Also don't trust T-Mobile!!!
Allan Jensen
2008-05-19 04:49:14
I also went with pretty much the same T Mobile system and phone as you did last year. Now I find out that if you want to upgrade to some of the new handsets that are hotspot@home capable (i.e. the Blackberrys), T Mobile is socking it to us older customers. New accout signups get Blackberries for free, we loyal cusomers get the shaft ($289 for a BB 8120, $349 for a curve). Tell me why I shouldn't switch back to AT&T and get an iPhone? I'd be paying about the same for the service, get much better internet and browsing, and probably the same cost for calling plans.


Bonnie Ember
2008-08-04 18:06:07
I ported my 2 business lines over to T Mobile @Home & I have lost over $2000. in business with the lines being down. Everytime I call I get sent to 3-5 people at the T Mobile phone center & then disconnected.
This is a class action or small claims court lawsuit.
How about if we Take T Mobile's/Deutche Telecom's business lines down for a week & see what happens?
This is pathetic